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Some online casinos carry the same casino slots as others

By mr-casino on 2017-04-13 10:07:21

There are many online casinos available to the Irish casino player but some of them seem to be remarkably alike and several more seem to carry the same range of casino slots which might seem strange until you realise that there are far fewer casino software suppliers than there are online casinos. In the very beginning of the online casinos age everybody tried to create their own casino software with different levels of success but as demand increased for more and more games and more and more sophistication online casinos decided there must be a better solution. In fact one online casino was spending so much time and effort in software development that it decided to give up the casino altogether and just focus on software which it could then sell to others. This really was the start of the casino software company who had plenty of development capability but were not interested in actually operating an online casino themselves and this led to the situation today where there are several casino software developers ranging from very large to quite small and virtually no online casino attempts to write their own software. Online casinos using the same casino software will inevitably have the same range of casino games and casino slots which is actually not always a bad thing.

In the area of casino slots in particular having more online casinos using the same software helps slots jackpots build up much faster than would otherwise be the case. Normally online casinos take care of their own jackpots but some casino slots are what are called progressive jackpot slots and they are the ones which often run into the millions of Euro. These jackpots are controlled by the casino software supplier rather than any individual online casino with each spin of the slot contributing to the jackpot regardless of which online casino is used. The more online casinos that run the individual slot the faster the jackpot builds. This feature also helps explain the phenomenon that an online casino is happy when a player wins millions on a progressive jackpot when you might expect them to be rather upset. With the casino software supplier controlling the jackpot and holding the money when a player at an online casino wins it costs that online casino nothing at all but they are allowed of course to advertise that one of their players has won.

Although some online casinos prefer to select a single casino software supplier to provide all the casino games on their site there are others that give the player a wider choice of games by using more than one and in fact there is one which is which uses six or seven different suppliers which provides a huge range of casino slots. The big boys in the casino software business are Microgaming which also operates under the name of Quickfire, Net Entertainment which is more usually called NetEnt and Playtech and each of them has some interesting features. Microgaming is the one that runs the largest of the casino slots jackpots with titles such as Mega Moolah™ and Mega Moolah Isis™ but NetEnt laso has slots jackpots running into the millions of Euro with titles such as Hall of Gods™. Mega Fortune™ and Arabian Nights™. Any of these can be found at top pick for Irish casino players namely All Irish Casino where they feature both casino software companies products. NetEnt also has some rather interesting casino slots that are a little bit different from the standard 5 reel slots and particularly likes both Jack Hammer™ and Jack Hammer 2™ along with Gonzo’s Quest™. All three of these casino slots use a system whereby instead of the fifteen visible symbols being attached to one of five reels they are each totally independent which allows a couple of different features to be applied.

Jack Hammer™ and Jack Hammer 2™ are very similar and the special feature is called Sticky Wins™. When any combination of three or more winning symbols is achieved all those winning symbols are automatically held and all others are spun again. There is no need to add any funds for this to happen. If the re-spin results in an improved win, which is often does, then the process is repeated with again all winning symbols being held. The repeats continue until the win is no longer improved whereupon all wins are paid out. There are also wilds and free spins and the free spins are particularly interesting as all wins in free spins mode are tripled in Jack Hammer™ and doubled in Jack Hammer 2™. It takes a minimum of five free spins symbols to trigger the free spins mode but the sticky wins feature is triggered with just three so with re-spins three can become five very easily. Five symbols entitles you to 10 free spins and anything over 8 free spins symbols will give you 30 free spins.

Gonzo’s Quest™ which is  a sort of Aztec themed casino slot also utilises the fifteen independent symbols but in this case instead of the winning symbols being held all non winning symbols are held and the winning ones  are replaced. Once again this can result in further wins. In this online casino slot however there is a win multiplier so after the first win the win multiplier moves to 2X so that any subsequent win pays double the odds. If two successive wins are achieved the win multiplier moves on 3X and then on to 5X which is the maximum multiplier but there is no limit to the number of successive wins which can be achieved. The free spins in this online casino slot are called free falls and if three symbols are achieved Gonzo himself will escort you to a different game where the win multiplier starts at 3X and runs up to 15X with successive wins. It is also possible to win more free falls whilst in free falls mode. NetEnt casino software provides both these alternatives and they can be found at a limited number of online casinos but All Irish Casino is one of them.