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Now you can get married in a Casino

By mr-casino on 2010-11-26 15:57:35

We all know that casinos are great places to have fun and it is even better with a few friends but in the casino news this week one casino has gone one step further and has held what is believed to be the first wedding. Maxims casino in Southend, England was granted a wedding licence as long ago as November 2009 but this is the first actual ceremony to take place in the casino. As General Manager Jimmy Howard points out; they have lots of weddings in Las Vegas and other gambling cities but the ceremonies do not take place in the actual casino so this could even be a world first. The lucky couple are Corporal Verrall and his partner Emma Doman who won a competition for a fully paid wedding ceremony. Corporal Verrall learned of his win whilst on active duty in Afghanistan with the Queens Royal Lancers and although a little surprised to win is full of praise for Maxims stating “if you were to see it and what Maxims have done, I would definitely recommend it” New wife Emma said “When we did it came as a massive shock and everyone was so happy because they knew how badly we wanted to get married”. Maxims is still believed to be the only casino in the country to hold such a licence but who knows what might happen in the future; one thing is for sure and that is that online casinos will have difficulty in competing..