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Roulette has no winning strategy.

By mr-casino on 2010-11-24 09:47:41

One of the most often asked questions in the gambling world is how to win and make money and there are many books that have been written about strategies for card games such as Poker or Blackjack but when it comes to Roulette there is no strategy. The very fact that you are playing a gambling game of any sort means that there is no guaranteed method of winning; there are strategies that will improve your chances but nothing that totally excludes the luck factor. In Roulette it is only the luck factor that plays a role which is possibly why it is the most popular game in the casino; anybody can play, there is no skill involved and all you need to win is luck. It is also one of the online casino games that has the lowest house edge meaning your chances as a punter are better than many other games. Some folk say that in a land based casino a good experienced croupier is able to spin the ball with such accuracy that they can determine in which quadrant the ball will land, we have our doubts but you can believe what you wish  but in an online casino the numbers are thrown up by a Random Number Generator (RNG) so there is no croupier anyway unless of course you are playing live roulette at an online casino. The other great thing about Roulette is that there is no bet that gives a greater or lesser chance of winning so whether you back one number or 18 numbers your profit making chances remain the same. That may sound a bit strange at first glance but it is to do with the odds that are paid and the fact that your stake for a winning bet is returned. Roulette is a great fast game that anybody can play, you cannot make mistakes in strategy or betting and your chances of winning are better than most casino games,.