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Online casino Caribbean stud gives a good chance of winning

By mr-casino on 2013-08-06 15:12:50

Caribbean Stud poker can be found all over America in the casinos but it seems to be less popular at online casinos particularly for Irish casino players but it is a very simple form of poker where there is no bluffing and you are not playing against other players but against the dealer. This means of course that whereas in a normal Texas Hold’m poker game you can be bluffed out of a good hand or pushed out by somebody with a larger stack in Caribbean stud you simple compare hands and the better hand wins which makes it an ideal online casino game to start playing poker as you will learn the value of hands very quickly. Online Caribbean stud starts with the player placing an ante bet after which two hands are dealt, one to the player and one to the dealer but of course the dealer’s hand is face down. At this point the player must decide whether to continue playing or not. If the player wishes to continue then a further bet must be placed which is equal to the ante bet after which the dealer’s cards are revealed and then whoever has the better hand wins. There is one proviso however that the dealer must have what is known as a qualifying hand for the round to be valid and the qualifying hand at most online casinos is an Ace and King or better. If you have elected to play and the dealer does not have a qualifying hand then your ante bet is still paid at even money but your additional bet is simply returned. If however the dealer does have a qualifying hand and you have a better hand then you win at the odds stated on the table and the better your hand the better the odds. Should you elect not to play however then you lose your ante and the hand is over. Caribbean stud is a great online casino game and gives you a pretty good chance of winning.