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Online casino Caribbean Stud is a great card game

By mr-casino on 2014-07-26 11:18:28

A popular game in American casinos has tables which are often adorned with palm trees and coconuts and if you ever wondered what the game is, it is called Caribbean Stud Poker which is presumably where the trees and coconuts come from and the good news is that Caribbean stud is available at most online casinos. Although called poker, Caribbean Stud has little in common with the poker game we are used to in tournaments as there is no bluffing involved and the only raising of stakes is made by the player which means that you never play with stakes that you are not happy with. The only reason that online casino Caribbean Stud is called poker is that the idea is to form a five card poker hand and it could not be simpler as there are only two hands which are yours and the dealers and whoever has the better hand wins. At first sight this means that there is a 50/50 chance of winning but there are a couple of things which give a slight advantage to the dealer but even then Caribbean stud as played at online casinos gives the player an excellent chance of winning. Before each Caribbean stud hand is dealt an ante bet must be placed and if having seen your hand you judge that you have no chance of winning you fold your hand and lose the ante bet regardless of what the dealer might have. The alternative to folding is to raise and this is done with a bet equal to twice your ante bet; there is no other option in Caribbean Stud, you must either fold or raise. The other advantage for the dealer is that in order for your raise bet to be paid out the dealer must have what is called a qualifying hand which is generally an Ace/King or better and if this is not the case then your raise bet is simply returned. Caribbean stud is nevertheless a great online casino card game.