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Online casino craps can be a very simple game

By mr-casino on 2013-01-18 11:48:46

We do not see a great deal of the casino dice game of craps in Ireland but if you have ever been to a casino in the USA you will know that it is probably the most popular dice game around and it lends itself to casino play as the craps table is large enough to accommodate 20 or so people at one time. Casino craps is played standing up so there are no fixed numbers of players and with so many people there is always a lot of noise. Online craps is exactly the same game as played in the Las Vegas casinos but the craps table at the Vegas casinos is double ended which means that to accommodate more people all the betting areas are duplicated whereas at online casinos there is only one betting area. Despite all the shouting and jargon such as “snake eyes” the game of craps can be fairly simple as there are after all only two dice involved but what makes craps noisy is that there can be several throws needed to determine the winners. The simplest bets at online craps are the “pass line” bet and the corresponding “don’t pass line” bet and once placed these bets are valid for the duration of that round making it easy to enjoy the game by using these bets only as many people do. The round of craps can be over in a single throw if the dice produce a total of 2,3,7,11 or 12 so for example a “pass line” bet wins on 7 or 11 but loses on 2,3 or 12. The mathematicians amongst you will have worked out that this will on average only happen one third of the time so in the other 2/3 of cases additional throws are required. A full description of the rules of online craps can be found at the online casinos but it really is simple game to play and can be quite exciting.