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Online casino funding using Neteller e-wallet

By mr-casino on 2015-11-27 06:38:29

There are a number of e-wallets which can be used for making online casino deposits and although PayPal seems to be available at fewer and fewer online casinos Neteller remains one of the better ones for Irish casino players. Neteller is actually regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority rather than any Irish body but that makes it just about as safe as any other casino deposit method and as it has been around since 1999 it is well established. Neteller casino deposits are available in your online casino account immediately and are of course available 24/7 which is important for most online casino players plus by using Neteller for your casino deposit you are not disclosing your bank account details or credit card details to the casino. hastens to add that any of the online casinos listed on the site have perfectly good encryption systems which protect your details as far as is possible but you can never be too careful. To make deposits into your online casino account using Neteller you will of course need to set up a method of funding the Neteller account in the first place which most people seem to do with direct debits from the bank account. Another advantage for some is that the bank has no idea what you are doing with the money from Neteller. Nearly all online casinos these days will accept deposits via Neteller and when it comes to withdrawing any winnings it is a simple process where the only time restriction is that presented by the online casino itself. If your currently registered casino deposit method is a credit card it could well be worthwhile looking at changing it to an e-wallet and Neteller is definitely one of the better choices.