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Online casino operator announces record profits

By mr-casino on 2015-03-25 15:18:50

Not much new in the Irish casino news but Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has announced record profits and is paying out an increased dividend to shareholders. It is not clear whether this is a result of increased activity at the online casino or whether the increase is due to other activities such as sports gambling but online casinos can only generally increase income by increasing turnover as the payout percentages remain the same. Nevertheless an increase of 21% is substantial and if you happen to be a shareholder you have done well. In other online casino news it seems that playing poker at your online casino is safer than playing at a land based casino as an unemployed Romanian man has been jailed for 18 months for cheating at 3 card poker in several casinos around the UK. According to the casino news reports he managed to mark cards whilst playing by denting the centre so that he could recognise what the dealer and other players had been dealt. Apparently he would spend several hours playing at a casino whilst marking the cards and then later taking advantage. Obviously a successful scam as it went on for 6 years before being discovered. Online casinos have the advantage that nobody touches the cards making it much more difficult to cheat. Online casino news also reveals that a well respected mother of two has been jailed for 30 months for defrauding her employer in order to fund an online casino gambling habit but in this instance the casino game being played was online bingo. She had an account with one of the specialised online bingo sites rather than a regular online casino where possible abuse may have been recognised sooner but as the total amount is reputed to be some £6 million over a period of 8 years that is a lot of online bingo.