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Online casino roulette is the chosen casino game of many

By mr-casino on 2014-04-17 08:34:14

The first thing you will probably meet when walking into a casino is the roulette table and at online casinos it is not so very different as when visiting the online casino home page roulette will feature prominently which is why it remains the chosen game among many online casino players. The good thing about online casino roulette is that it can be played for small stakes or high stakes and following a high risk high reward strategy or low risk low reward strategy or anything in between. A low risk strategy at roulette is placing even money bets such as odd/even or red/black or slightly more adventurous are the 2:1 bets such as bottom third/ middle third/ top third or any single column which you can of course reduce to 3:2 bets by backing two out the three options. This ability to adjust your own gambling patterns is exactly why online casino roulette is so popular. The high risk strategy is done by backing single numbers which pay out at 35:1 but here again if that is too high risk you can back any two single numbers which reduces your risk but means that effectively a win pays out at 17:1 as you will always lose one of your bets. You can do the calculations yourself but clearly the more numbers you are backing the better your chances are of winning but the lower is the return on your stake. There are no good ways or bad ways of playing casino roulette, it is a casino game of pure chance and there are no bets which are better than others in terms of the numbers covered versus the odds being paid so the simplest way of playing onine casino roulette is simply to spread your bets around and hope for the best.