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Online casino slots can produce very large rewards for players

By mr-casino on 2017-05-27 14:30:26

Having just a few days ago talked about the variety of table games available compared to the number if not the variety of casino slots maybe more time should be spent looking at some of the more unusual casino slots. The origins of casino slots go way back before online casinos or even the internet was thought of when they were called fruit machines and were simple three reel slots with three symbols showing and one single winning line across the middle. The symbols were fruit and bells and bars and you can still find one or two of these at online casinos such as Strangely enough it was not just the fruit symbols which gave the fruit machine its name but the chewing gum that was awarded as prizes. Back in those days in America which is where it all started the machines were not allowed to pay out cash so the winnings were paid in fruit flavoured chewing gum probably from Wrigleys with the winning symbols determining the fruit flavour awarded. Things however have changed a lot since then although even the very first casino slots at online casinos were still three reels. Electronics have changed the face of casino slots altogether so that there are very few three reel slots remaining with most being five reels and anything up to hundreds of winning lines plus the ability to have music and themed characters.

The attraction of casino slots is still as it has always been and that is the ability to win large amounts of money with very small stakes. In other casino games if you want to win thousands of Euro you will need to be staking at least hundreds of Euro whereas with casino slots you can in fact win millions of Euro by playing tens of Euro at a time which is a pretty god return. The big paying casino slots are called progressive jackpot slots whereby all online casinos carrying the slot in question contribute very small amounts per spin to the jackpot pool which is managed by the casino software supplier rather than any individual online casino. This is the reason why you will come across the same casino slots at different online casinos as long as they use the same casino software. Possible the two best known casino software suppliers for progressive jackpot slots are Microgaming who operate the likes of Mega Moolah™ and Major Millions™ and NetEnt who operate Hall of Gods™ and Mega Fortune™ all of which regularly have jackpots well over €1 million and often several million. Both of these are available at All Irish Casino if you want to take a look. Nearly every casino slot has a jackpot of some sort so they are not all progressive jackpots. The top progressive jackpots can only be won when you are playing for the maximum stake per line so it is worth looking at how much that means per spin as you must multiply the stake by the number of winning lines that you are playing for.

Most Irish casino players do not play for the huge jackpots preferring instead to make more modest profits and choose a slot with a fun element or even one with a bit of a twist from the standard games. Casino slots such as Gonzos’s Quest™ or Jack Hammer™ are proving very popular and both of these are brought to you by NetEnt casino software so any online casino using this software will have these games. No Bonus Casino, Freespins Casino, All Irish Casino are three examples. Both of these casino slots use a unique feature that allows all fifteen symbols which are visible to be operated individually rather than being fixed on one of five reels so instead of holding one or more of the reels it is possible to simply hold three or more symbols with all others being spun again. This feature is used in the casino slot Jack Hammer™ or its win Jack Hammer 2™ and it is called Sticky Wins™. When a win is triggered on one of the 25 winning lines those wining symbols are held while all others are spun again automatically. No credits are deducted from your balance for this operation. If the re-spin results in an improved win for example by getting another one or more of the winning symbols or even a separate winning line of three symbols then all of these winning symbols are held and the process repeats itself. This process carries on until the win or wins are not improved upon after which the wins are all paid out. The casino slot also has wilds and freespin symbols to help you along. The free spins are particularly attractive as all wins in this mode are automatically tripled. It does take a minimum 5 freespins symbols to get into this mode but three will trigger the Sticky Wins™ feature so it is eminently possible to get more. Anything over 8 freespins symbols will convert into 30 free spins which virtually guarantees a large win.

The second casino slot mentioned is Gonzo’s Quest which also uses independently operated symbols but in this case instead of winning symbols being held they are replaced with new ones again without any credits being deducted from your balance. A subsequent win will be doubled according to the win multiplier with a third win being tripled and a fourth win multiplied by five. This particular casino slot also has a fun element in that Gonzo himself is watching over proceedings and when not scratching his beard or spinning his hat is looking forward to escorting you to the free spins game which is called free falls in this slot. The whole casino slot has an Aztec theme and is played out in darkest Peru with Gonzo clearly being a treasure hunter along with all the players like yourself. The symbols which are carved onto stone blocks actually explode when they are replaced adding to the fun