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Online casino software is a competitive market

By mr-casino on 2012-09-28 16:32:57

In an article published a couple of days ago we mentioned the casino software supplier Playtech who had reported increased revenues but of course Playtech is only one of a number of casino software suppliers in the market. Casino software has become a very specialised and competitive market so that virtually no online casino company will try to write their own casino software preferring instead to do business with one or more of the major casino software suppliers such as Microgaming, Chartwell, Wagerworks or Net Entertainment to name a few. You may have wondered at some stage why several of the online casinos and the casino games look remarkably similar in layout if not in colours and the reason is that they are using the same casino software and in fact of course some of the casino games especially those with progressive jackpots are identical. This common use of casino software has an advantage for the casino player as the jackpots are pooled across all users of the casino software which allows the casino jackpot pool to grow much faster than it would were it restricted to one online casino only. The larger online casinos who offer a range of online gambling will also often use different software companies for different parts of the site so whereas you may find several  online casinos using the same casino software the sports gambling sections can often look completely different and the same can apply to the online bingo or poker sections. Generally the online casino software suppliers are independent from the online casinos thus creating a competitive environment but Playtech is partially owned by William Hill Online which does not seem to stop the casino software being used by the competitors of William Hill. You will probably not think about which casino software supplier your online casino is using and as long as you are enjoying your online casino experience it probably does not matter.