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Online casino table games are a good alternative to slots

By mr-casino on 2019-05-13 13:49:25

There are many online casino players who only ever play casino slots and good luck to them. This is quite understandable as that is the area of online casinos where players can make the most money with very modest stakes. Casino slots have advanced a lot in recent times and the selection available at online casinos such as No Bonus Casino runs into the hundreds so if you enjoy slots there is bound to be something there to suit but there are plenty of other casino games under the table games heading which can equally entertaining. The attraction of casino slots for most Irish casino players is the possibility to win large amounts of cash with relatively small stakes and table games will not do that but on the other hand table games do offer far more frequent wins. Blackjack is probably the casino game with the best chances of winning as the margin in favour of the casino is small followed by Roulette which also has small margins for the casino. In blackjack for example you are playing against the dealer so it is one on one. You may be playing several hands but it is still one on one for each hand. The chances of either hand winning are equal and in the case of a tie the stake is returned so you might think that it is a 50/50 game but that is not quite true.

The dealer has a slight edge in the fact that the player has to play their hand first and if they bust (exceed 21) then they lose. It may well be that the dealer hand also busts later but if the player has already bust they have still lost. In fact, busting happens quite frequently in blackjack both in the players and dealers hands and one way of improving your chances of winning is to still be in the hand when the dealer busts. That sounds easy but of course it isn’t as your only clue is the one card that is showing in the dealer hand. As there are four cards in the deck with a value of 10, a five or a six showing in the dealer hand can be considered weak as at least one card has to be drawn. Remember that he dealer has to draw cards to 17 or above. This means that there is a real chance of the dealer hand busting. In online casino blackjack the player can stand on any number they like so if they are sitting on 15 or 16 and the dealer is showing a five or a six then there is a case for simply standing and see what happens. Nothing is guaranteed of course but simply playing the traditional game of drawing cards to 17 or more will probably result in a loss.

Roulette is another of the table games with fairly low margins for the online casino. Put simple there are 37 numbers on the European Roulette table and a winning number pays at 35:1. Beware the American Roulette table where there are 38 numbers (there is a double zero 00) but winning single numbers still pay 35:1. Roulette is also one of the simplest casino games to play as all you do is place your bets and wait. There are no good bets or bad bets in Roulette and the odds paid are directly proportional to how numbers are backed. You can place a single chip on each of two adjacent numbers or you can place both chips on the dividing line between those numbers and the result will be the same. Similarly you could place one chip on each of 12 random numbers or you could place all 12 chips on a column or you could place bets of 3 chips on each of four rows. In each case 12 numbers have been backed and a winning number will produce the same result in each case. Contrary to some people’s beliefs what has gone before in terms of winning numbers has no relevance at all to what might happen in the future.

Table games at online casinos often also include other card games such as Caribbean Stud or dice games such as Craps both of which are also worth looking at for a change. The full name of Caribbean Stud is Caribbean Stud Poker and the very word Poker is often enough to put people off as it is associated with the tournament poker games which are seen on TV but those games are Texas Hold’em poker which is completely different. In Caribbean Stud there is no bluffing or raising of the stakes and it is simply the player against the house. The only connection these casino games have is that the idea is to form a five card poker hand and the value of the hands is the same in both games. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of in Caribbean Stud as the player sets the stakes before the cards are dealt and that cannot be changed.

Craps is a different game altogether and if you have never played, and most Irish casino players have not played, it can seem quite complicated. It has a bit of a reputation of being a noisy game with people shouting and indeed in an actual casino it is. The reason for this is that the table in an actual casino is double ended which enables many players to participate at the same time plus it is played standing which enables even more people to get round the table. Only one person throws the dice however. It gets exciting because a single throw of the dice does not always settle the outcome and indeed it can take several throws before the result is known with each thrown adding to the excitement. Craps at an online casino is the same game but the table is single ended and of course there is nobody else around. Placing bets can be tricky until you have the hang of it but there are some simple bets which can be mad to get you started.