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Online casino table games are also popular

By mr-casino on 2019-06-26 14:29:08

There are many Irish casino players that enjoy casino slots and there are plenty of those available at online casinos. Casino slots are possibly the most played casino games of all and for very good reasons. Simplicity is one reason as online casino slots require no thinking about but the slots themselves are often far from simple. The main reason, however, is that there is a chance of winning large amounts of money with relatively small stakes. Casino table games on the other hand have wins that are more directly proportional to stakes. Some online casino slots have jackpots which are several million Euro but winning that size of jackpot will require maximum stakes to be played which can be quite large. Those same casino slots often have smaller jackpots which can be won with smaller stakes but there are plenty of casino slots with smaller jackpots.

Several online casinos such as No Bonus Casino use many different casino software suppliers on their site. This has the advantage of offering far more casino slots than those using single software suppler but the range of table games remains pretty much the same. The table games category at online casinos refers to those games which use a special table which is nearly all casino games except slots, lotteries or bingo. Probably the best known and most played are roulette and blackjack although Caribbean Stud and Craps are also quite popular. Roulette is particularly popular because it requires no skill and is a game of pure luck similar to casino slots.

The rather unique thing about roulette is the fact that there are no good bets and bad bets as far as odds are concerned. The amount of money received after a win is directly proportional to the number of numbers covered by the bet. For example, placing a single chip bet on a single number will result in the player having 36 chips. A single chip bet on two numbers will result in the player having 18 chips. A single chip bet on 18 numbers such as red/black will result in the player having two chips. Most players will therefore simply spread their chips around and hope for the best. There are online casino roulette players who believe that what has gone before in terms of numbers has an influence on what might happen next. This is a complete myth.

Blackjack is an entirely different casino table game where there is an element of skill or judgement involved as well as a good slice of luck. In blackjack there are decisions to be made which are to draw a card or stand on what is in the hand. These decisions clearly affect the outcome and make the difference between winning and losing. Blackjack is possibly the casino game with the best odds for the player. There are only two hands in play at any one time and a tie results in money back. The player might be playing several hands but each one is played one on one against the dealer. You might expect therefore for the chances of winning would be 50/50 but that is not the case. The reason for this is that the player plays first and if the hand busts they lose. It may well be that the dealer hand also busts but that makes no difference.

This is the only margin which the dealer has in Blackjack but it is an important one. Following the classic game plan which is what the dealer does will result in the hand busting on a number of occasions. The classic game plan is drawing cards to anything less than 17 and standing on 17 or above. By following this game plan the dealer will bust on several occasions and if the player is still in the game they will win. The online casino dealer cannot stand on anything less than 17 but the player has no such restrictions and can stand on any number. If the player has a hand of 17 or above there are no decisions to be made. This is also the case when the hand is 11 or under as drawing a card cannot result in a bust situation. This is ignoring the option of doubling up which is a separate issue. Having a hand of between 12 and 16 is where decisions need to be made.

The only way to tilt the odds in favour of the player is to still be around when the dealer hand busts but that is easier said than done. The only real indication of whether this might happen is the card which is showing in the dealer hand. Every online casino blackjack player knows that 4 out of every 13 cards have a value of ten which represents some 30%. Add to that the number of nines and eights etc and the player can calculate their chances of busting. For example when holding 16 there are 8 cards which will cause the hand to bust. In other words, drawing a card to 16 has an over 60% chance of busting and therefore losing. It is conceivable, therefore, that a player holding 15 or 16 might consider standing in the hope that the dealer will bust. If the dealer hand is showing a 5 or a 6 then the argument becomes even stronger.

There are of course no guarantees but these indicators may help when playing online casino blackjack. Online casinos have many more table games to enjoy and one of the less frequently played ones is Craps. Craps can, at first, seem very complicated game as bets can be placed at different times. The game is also not necessarily settled after one throw of the dice meaning more throws are needed. This is where the additional betting opportunities come into play. There are however simple bets called pass line and don’t pass line which will get a new player into the game. These bets are placed at the beginning of the round are valid until won or lost.