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Online casinos attract different sorts of casino players

By mr-casino on 2018-10-17 15:18:03

Casinos attract very many people for very different reasons but probably the most quoted reason is the excitement which the various casino games can provide and this excitement stems from the fact that there is a very good chance of winning some real money. In Ireland people are pretty much restricted to online casinos as there is not much else available but fortunately it is online casinos that have the best line up of casino games, far more in fact that many of the top casinos in the world. There are also very many online casinos available to Irish casino players making it easy to join in. There are also different sorts of players which play at online casinos from the casual once every now and then to those that enjoy regular play. The casino games played by people are also different ad interestingly enough it is possible to categorise them into groups. Not everybody fits into a group, of course, but in general casual players will play casino games such as roulette or casino slots whereas more regular players are more likely to play Blackjack or casino slots. The common games for both categories are casino slots which is the best place to win large amounts of cash for very little outlay.

Roulette is very typical of a casual game which nearly everybody knows how to play and even those who don’t can pick it up in matter of minutes. The good thing about roulette is that there is no skill involved; it is a game of luck and nothing else. Don’t believe folk who say that the numbers that have gone before have an effect on what is coming next. There is absolutely no connection whatsoever between previous numbers and what might happen next. If there was then the casino would be unlikely to provide the information. Also ignore hot numbers and cold numbers. The roulette game at online casinos is controlled by what is known as a random number generator which as the name suggests picks out numbers in a completely random fashion. There may have been fifteen red numbers in succession but that does not mean that a black one is coming soon. Every spin has a 50/50 chance of being red or black. Not quite 50/50 actually as the zero is neither red nor black. Winning odds at roulette are the same at all online casinos so it doesn’t matter where you play from that point of view. One of the best features of roulette is that everybody can play a low risk low reward game by placing bets on red/black or odd/even or a higher risk higher reward game such as placing bets on single numbers or anything in between. Favourite numbers are also popular.

Blackjack on the other hand is not simply a question of luck and is mostly played by those who understand the game. Of course luck plays a role in blackjack as it does in any of the casino games but there are ways of improving your chances of winning such as keeping your eyes on the dealer card that is showing. Many explanations of blackjack will state that the object of the game is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over 21 or busting as it called but begs to differ and believes that the object of the game is to beat the dealer. The point being that you can win with any hand as long as the dealer busts and you are still in the game. The dealer has to draw cards to reach 17 or above but the player does not have to. It is clear that if you hold 16 in your hand there is a good chance that the next card will take you over 21. Anything over a five in fact which represents 32 of the 52 cards in a pack or something over a 60% chance but the same is true for the dealer. If the dealer holds 15 or 16 they must draw a card and there is a good chance of the hand busting. If that happens and you are still in the game then you will win no matter what you are holding. You can win with any number including 12 or 13. The issue is to know when the dealer is going to bust and your only clue is the one card that is showing so a 5 or a 6 might be considered a weak card. It is all about chance and probability but there are no certainties.

The third category of casino games played at online casinos by both categories of player is casino slots and they have advanced a great deal in recent years. Casino slots were originally simple three reel affairs with a single winning line but casino slots today can have three or five reels and the number of winning lines can be over 200. There are also added complications such as wild symbols, free spins symbols and possibly jackpot symbols as well making the whole thing very complicated. Fortunately the casino software will sort it all out for you so there is no chance of missing a win. Online casinos such as All Irish Casino carry an assortment of casino slots from different casino software suppliers which therefore gives ample choice of complexity but another point for consideration is the entertainment value of the slot. One of the most entertaining, in the opinion of, is the casino slot called Gonzo’s Quest™ and it is the antics of Gonzo himself that is the entertainment. The slot is set in darkest Peru with Gonzo being the gold seeking explorer and the symbols are carved onto blocks of stone in true Aztec fashion. Gonzo stands by the side watching every move and although most of his time is spent scratching his beard and muttering a win will stir him into life which might include spinning his helmet or even dancing a little jig. Entertainment in a casino slot for sure.