Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Online casinos fulfill the need for Irish casino players

By mr-casino on 2017-03-20 16:19:02

In some of the most advanced countries in the world casinos are illegal and even in places like the USA it is only in certain States that casinos are legal. In China for example casinos are illegal and yet everybody knows that the Chinese are probably some of the greatest gamblers in the world which is why when they come to Europe they flock to the casinos. It is also one of the major reasons that Macau has developed into the major casino capitals of the East along with Singapore being only a short distance from Hong Kong. Even in Malaysia casinos are illegal but it is not a long drive from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. In Ireland of there are no real casinos and they do not look like arriving anytime soon but at least there are private clubs where some gambling can take place. It is just as well then that online casinos are legal which provides an outlet for Irish casino players. Ireland has one of the widest choices of online casinos in Europe along with the UK which probably has something to do with language and the fact that most of the large gambling companies are active in the market but it does not need a large company to run an extremely good online casino as demonstrated by a number of the smaller ones in the Irish market.

All Irish Casino is an excellent example although having started small is a very well respected online casino by Irish casino players. It is very difficult to find a unique selling point for an online casino although there are a couple which spring to mind which are No Bonus casino and Freespins casino which will be looked at shortly, so the real difference has to be in customer experience or in other words how much the customer or casino player enjoys the site. This is bound to be affected by the casino games which are available which is clearly a function of the casino software which has been chosen by the online casino but it is probably also a function of whether a player wins at the casino. This shouldn’t affect the experience really as the chances of winning are pretty much the same at any online casino but it is bound to. There are differences in winning chances between casino slots but the numbers are never published for an individual casino slot so only experience can guide you. All Irish Casino does have a good payout percentage on their slots which are powered by a top casino software provider in NetEnt but which of them is best is impossible to tell. believes that Jack Hammer™ and Gonzo’s Quest™ are both pretty good but even they cannot claim to have tried all the casino slots on the site at All Irish Casino so there still might be better ones. Neither of these casino slots have a large jackpot but it is still possible to win large amounts due to the nature of the slot. Jack Hammer™ for example has what they call Sticky Wins™ which is a great way to increase a win without adding any more funds. What happens here is that when any win occurs which only takes three matching symbols, the winning symbols are held and all others are spun again. This is made possible by the fact that all fifteen symbols are independent rather than being fixed to a particular reel. If the win is improved by this spin, which is highly likely considering there are 25 winning lines possible, the whole process is repeated again and again until no improvement is made. The maximum win is then paid out. There are also wilds and free spins symbols which are particularly interesting as all wins in free spins mode are tripled. It takes a minimum of 5 free spins symbols to trigger the free spins but as they too are subject to the Stick Wins™ feature 3 might be enough to get you started.

Coming back to unique selling points, No Bonus casino has come up with an alternative to the casino bonus for new players. It has long seemed unreasonable that new players should be treated better than loyal one who has been registered for some time so at No Bonus Casino everybody is treated the same and there is no bonus for new players. The name of the online casino rather gives that away but it does not say that the alternative is cash back if you lose. The system is simple enough and says that if you make a deposit into your casino account and lose the whole of that deposit on the same day then you will receive 10% of your deposit back the very next day. This offer is available to every player on every deposit and there are no strings attached to the cash back. There are none of the silly rules about staking the cash back a number of times, you can play more games with it or if you like you can simply withdraw the cash. Simplicity is King.

Freespins Casino also treats all players the same and again has no special treatment for new players. In this case however instead of cash back every deposit into your casino account qualifies for a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. The actual number of free spins depends on the size of your deposit and the casino slot which you choose to play but it can be several hundred spins and you can play them at some of the most popular slots such as Starburst™. Any winnings from the free spins are subject to staking requirements before they can be withdrawn but as you are almost certain to end up with some profit after the free spins this is reasonable. There are also regular features with more free spins to be awarded. The important thing here is that the offers are available to all players on every deposit no matter how long they have been a member of the casino.