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Online casinos in America are back in the casino news

By mr-casino on 2012-04-29 12:54:43

The long running story of online casinos in the USA is back in the general casino news this week with some experts who are scheduled to attend the East Coast Gaming Congress which will be held in Atlantic City in May are reported as believing that legalisation of online casinos, albeit with strict licensing requirements, is a question of when rather than if. It should be noted that online casinos and all forms of online gambling has been illegal in America for a number of years since the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIEGA) leaving casino players having to travel to centres such as Las Vegas or some of the Indian reservations. With the cost of travel increasing dramatically it seems obvious to general casino news that fewer people will go which will leave a hole in the revenues of states such as Nevada which will need to be filled and online casinos seems a good solution.Here at we shall keep out eyes on what happens and report in the general casino news but of course the congress cannot make any decisions but merely lobby for a change. Also in the general casino news Ladbrokes has reported profits up on the previous year which according to them was generated by a good Cheltenham and increased profits from online casino style machines in the shops. At we cannot possibly understand why anybody would choose to use such a machine in a shop when playing at an online casino from home is both much easier and has better odds of winning. Ladbrokes does not separate out for comment the revenues of online casinos but we believe here at general casino news that online casinos are still increasing in popularity which should also bring increased profits but Ladbrokes has also invested heavily in their online casino offering which may offset profits for that division.