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Paypal casino deposits are to be encouraged

By mr-casino on 2014-02-26 16:38:25

When opening an online casino account for the first time you will soon reach the cashier or banking page and this is when you need to decide which of the many casino deposit methods you wish to use but instead of simply reaching for your credit card or debit card it is worthwhile looking at some alternatives as not all deposit methods are equal. PayPal casino deposits are one of the better ones along with other so called e-wallets. Paypal has been one of the top ways of handling internet transactions for some time and has been owned by e-bay since 2002 but that does not prevent you from using it for any internet transaction and that includes online casino deposits which is why all online casinos list Paypal as a one of their casino deposit methods. Paypal casino deposits will be subject to a small charge but these are nothing like as large as those incurred when using a credit card but perhaps the biggest advantage is that your bank details are not revealed to the online casino as you can make a paypal deposit by simply using your account number and password. It should be added that all online casinos listed at have very good encryption and security systems for your personal details but some still feel that the fewer people that known your details the better. It can indeed also be useful that your bank has no record of you making a deposit into an online casino as the only record they will have is the deposit to paypal which could be for anything. Perhaps a secondary consideration which makes paypal casino deposits favourable is that you cannot play at the online casino without having the money in the first place whereas with a credit card you can which is something that should be discouraged but paypal casino deposits remove any possible temptation.