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Plans for a Euro Vegas casino in Spain

By mr-casino on 2012-08-27 10:48:58

Every online casino player has heard of Las Vegas but how about Euro Vegas? In the general casino news this week we learn about plans for a Euro Vegas from the company Las Vegas Sands which could be built in either Barcelona or Madrid, Spain making it the largest casino and leisure operation in Europe with a planned 36,000 rooms, no less than 6 casinos with some 18,000 slots machines and of course it would not be Spain if the development did not include three golf courses but do not start planning your next year’s holiday there just yet as there are several hurdles yet to be overcome. For a start, reports in the general casino news say that the company is under investigation both in the USA and in China about alleged breaking of anti bribery laws in connection with the expansion of the operations in Macau; allegations which are denied by Las Vegas Sands and credited to an unhappy former employee but the Catalan Government is still seeking clarification. There is also concern by some in the general casino news about the fact that Mr Adelson, a senior executive at Las Vegas Sands has become known to be the largest donor to the Republican Party in the USA and is alleged to have promised $100 million to defeat President Barack Obama. Madrid and Barcelona are of course also in competition with each other and reports in the general casino news suggest that the local Government of Madrid is urging the national Government to meet requests from Las Vegas Sands to allow smoking and grant some tax concessions whilst there are always those who suggest that such a casino complex would encourage other illegal activities such as money laundering. It is still hoped that a decision might be made in September for construction to start in mid 2013 but in the meantime your online casino is your best option.