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Playing free casino is a good way to try new casino games

By mr-casino on 2018-04-04 11:32:15

It would be a great world where there were casinos that offered casino games that cost nothing to play but where you could win real money but unfortunately that does not exist. The nearest thing to a free casino is probably to be found at where every deposit into your online casino account entitles you to a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. When playing these free spins, which of course are costing nothing, you are winning real money and at the end of the free spins you are virtually assured of having a profit. The online casino is however not in the business of giving money away so there are requirements that must be met before any of those winnings can be withdrawn. These requirements are fairly standard for online casino bonuses and state that the money must be staked a number of times on certain casino slots which is clearly giving the online casino the chance to win the money back. The good thing about this however is that it is only the winnings from free spins which are subject to the staking requirements which keeps it separate from your original deposit so even if you do lose it all whilst meeting the staking requirements you have still had a lot of fun and entertainment for nothing. Not exactly free casino but still a load of fun.

Many online casinos including the likes of All Irish Casino, No Bonus Casino and Fun Casino offer free casino games but in this instance you are playing for fun money rather than real money. The three casinos mentioned make it easy to play free casino games by having that as the default setting so that when you log on you are in free play mode and if you want to play for real money then you need to select that option. Several other online casinos operate the other way around and in fact it can be quite difficult to find the free casino play mode at some of them. You may even have to register an account and go right through to an actual game before the option of free casino appears. prefers the former method which is part of the reason why those online casinos are top of the list. Playing free casino games is of course nothing like as exciting as risking your own cash but it is a useful addition if you want to try a new casino game without risking your own cash. This is particularly true for new casino slots which often have multiple ways of winning. It is not essential to know what is happening at a casino slot as the casino software will make sure that any winnings are credited automatically but knowing when you have a winning line and why certainly adds to the fun. regularly recommends online casino slots and although they are not new to the online casino in question they may be new to the individual player and in this case playing for free for a period of time is recommended. For example one of the casino slots that likes is Jack Hammer™ which uses a feature called Sticky Wins™.

This casino slot which is created by the casino software company NetEnt can be found at All Irish Casino and several others on the recommended list. The Sticky Wins™ feature is made possible by the fifteen symbols visible not being attached to reels as they would be n a conventional five reel slot but instead are all able to move independently from each other. This means that any of the symbols can be held wile all others are spun again. In a regular online casino five reel slot only complete reels can be held so if you are holding three wining symbols only two reels are left to be spun again. In Sticky Wins™ holding three symbols leaves 12 symbols to be spun again which provides a much greater chance of winning again. The Sticky Wins™ feature works as follows; when a winning combination of three or more symbols is achieved those symbols are automatically held and all other are spun again. If this results in the win being improved, for example by adding another winning symbol, then the process is repeated gain and again until the win is no longer improved whereupon the largest win is paid out. Even a very minor win of three matching symbols can very quickly become something very substantial.

Even better is when the free spins mode is activated as all wins are trebled and the Sticky Wins™ feature is still active. True enough that you require six free spins symbols to enter the free spins mode but the Sticky Wins™ feature applies to free spins symbols as well so a minimum of three will get you going. This is a great casino slot so if it is new to you go to All Irish Casino or Fun Casino and try it out for free. You do not even have to register an account but you may well want to having tried it.

The whole idea of online casinos offering free play might seem strange but they are hoping to attract new players and give existing players new entertainment. There are online casino players who have their favourite casino games of course and several of those are strictly roulette or blackjack players or casino slots players who chase the really huge jackpots but there is so much entertainment to be had at a casino and trying new games for free is an excellent way to experience that. It is not only casino slots that can be tried; for example Craps is a game that most people have heard of but very few know how to play. It is actually quite difficult to grasp the intricacies of Craps as there are various ways of placing bets and even different times to place bets. Reading about it on one of the online casino sites will help but you really have to play to understand it properly and playing for free is a good way.