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Playing free online casino can be enjoyable

By mr-casino on 2012-07-20 10:27:55

One of the major differences between an online casino and a land based casino is that online you can play free casino whereas we have yet to find a land based casino that allows you to play for free. Nearly all online casinos will offer the free casino option although some call it casino fun play or fun money but some will wonder why on earth you would want to play casino for free when there is no chance of winning anything but there are a few reasons why you might want to. True enough that playing free casino does take a lot of the excitement out of casino play as although you will not win anything you will also not lose anything and we all know that if your cash is not at risk the adrenalin is not there but if you are playing for pure enjoyment and to pass time playing free casino can still be fun. Playing for free against other players such as in online poker is not good as players will tend to be unrealistic in their betting as indeed you might be when playing casino for free against the house. One of the major reasons that casino players will sometimes play free casino is to try out one of the new casino games which regularly appear and this is particularly true of casino slots where it is good to get used to the symbols and what triggers the free spins and bonus rounds. Having this information will not help you win but at least you will recognise why you won. Playing free casino is also a good idea if you want to try some of the less played casino games such as Sic Bo or Craps or Baccarat before risking your own money. Free casino games are a good idea but they can only be found at the online casinos.