Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Plenty of table games at an online casino

By mr-casino on 2015-12-20 08:34:24

There are really only two categories of casino games at an online casino and they are slots and table games so Irish casino players generally focus on one or the other. The casino slots are often subdivided into slots and video slots and even jackpot slots but they are all slots at the end of the day. Table games at online casinos however have much more variety but even then there are subdivisions where for example roulette and blackjack often have their own categories and there are a few variations of the games. If you don’t like those variations and prefer the simple game then go to Other categories of table games at online casinos include dice games such as Sic Bo and craps or card games such as Caribbean stud or baccarat or even at you can try your hand at heads up Texas hold’em poker where there is no bluffing and the player sets the stakes. You can find descriptions of some of the more popular table games played at online casinos under the table games tab on this site but one of the more intriguing less well known table games is the card game of Baccarat which as well as being found at all online casinos is also often in the live casino games option. There is nothing difficult about baccarat and in fact you do not even need to know the rules in order to play but if you do it does help and it is surprisingly easy to learn. Online casinos generally have pages which are dedicated to the rules of various table games so it is well worth reading these before playing an unfamiliar game and then of course there is always the free casino option to practice a bit before risking your own cash.