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Roulette and Blackjack are the two most popular casino table games

By mr-casino on 2017-07-10 10:12:13

Most online casinos really only have two types of casino games and they are slots and table games. Slots care often sub divided into video slots and slots but the classification of what is what is very unclear. There are online casinos that have more tabs but they are things such as “popular games” or “other” but these are often only slots anyway. Some online casinos such as All Irish Casino also separate out jackpot games so that you can go straight to them but again most of these are also in the video slots section. The table games definition has also subsequently become unclear and now simply includes everything that is not in the slots or video slots section but the two most popular table games are roulette and blackjack. Every online casino includes these two games in the line up and although the games are very simple casinos do try to give some variations but considers the original games the best. There are three basic forms of roulette although all three have the same principles of trying to guess where a ball in a spinning roulette wheel will land and placing your bet or bets accordingly but beware American roulette.

American roulette is unlike the other two forms of the game as it has two zeros instead of the normal one zero. This second zero is called double zero (00) and like the single zero is neither red nor black nor odd nor even and neither is it in any third of the table or column. All of these bets are called outside bets and they all lose when the zero comes up. Clearly with two zeros the chances of this happening are doubled. If this was somehow compensated with greater odds for winning it might be okay but actually the odds for winning numbers are exactly the same as in European or French Roulette so your chances of winning at American roulette are immediately less than at the other two forms. The table games of French roulette and European roulette at any online casino are essentially the same except that the layout of the table where you place your bets is slightly different with French roulette giving you the option to bet on things such as zero and adjacent numbers which means zero and the numbers next to it on the roulette wheel. You can of course place this bet on European roulette but they must be placed individually. Roulette is really the simplest of casino table games and it is a question of pure luck whether you win or not. Do not listen to those who claim that previous numbers have an effect on which number might come next because the roulette wheel at an online casino is governed by a random number generator and if there were any influence it would not be random. Every number stands as much chance as any other number on every spin. Just because there have been 7 red numbers in a row does not mean that a black one is due, there could well be another 7 red numbers coming. Over time of course there will be just as many red numbers as black numbers but the problem lies in the definition of “over time”. Over time means after hundreds of thousands of spins but as most Irish casino players only spend a few hours at most playing roulette and often a much shorter time the rule does not apply.

Blackjack is different game altogether and does require an element of judgment to play successfully although there is clearly no guarantee of winning. The dealer advantage in Blackjack is very slim as basically the player has as much chance of having a winning hand as the dealer but the difference is that as the player you play first. It is inevitable that when playing blackjack you will exceed 21 at times and therefore lose the hand. The same applies of course to the dealer but if you have already lost it doesn’t matter that the dealer also goes over 21 because you have already lost and that is the only advantage which the dealer has. A good blackjack player will attempt to avoid exceeding 21 if he or she thinks that there is a good chance of the dealer going bust. The point here is that the dealer must draw a card or cards until they reach 17 or above but as the player you do not need to do so. If you are dealt a ten and a six there is no obligation to draw a card. The chances are pretty high that you will bust if you draw a card on 16 and therefore lose. The same applies to the dealer but of course you cannot know when the dealer has 16. The only clue is that there is always one of the dealers cards showing so if that is a 5 or a 6 there is an increased chance that the dealer will have 15 or 16, draw a card and bust. Nothing is guaranteed of course but when the dealer does go bust you win as long as you are still in the hand even if you have less than 17.

There are plenty more table games available at online casinos which are worth investigating, some of which are card games such as Caribbean Stud Poker or Baccarat (otherwise known as Punto Banco) as well as dice games such as Craps. Do not be put off by the name of Caribbean Stud as although it is a poker game it bears little resemblance to the Texas Hold’em game played on TV where people can lose everything in one hand. In Caribbean Stud the player sets the stakes at the beginning and only the player can raise the stakes. There is no bluffing so if you have the better hand then you win. Baccarat is also worth a look at as despite the reputation it has it is very simple to play as there are only three possible bets and the outcome is again pure luck.