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Roulette remains the most popular online casino game

By mr-casino on 2011-05-29 10:47:22

One of the simplest and most played casino table games at an online casino is roulette and the reason for the popularity is the simplicity of the game which means anyone can play and win without knowledge of the game. The only thing you need to know before you play the casino game roulette is where and how to place your bets so if you have never played before you should read our play roulette page where the bets are explained but the simplest and most popular bets are red or black for low risk gambling or an individual number for higher risk gambling. There are of course many possible bets when playing casino roulette and the interesting thing about the bets and the odds that are paid is that there are no bets which pay out better than others, your odds will depend on the number of numbers on which you are betting. If for example when you play roulette you decide you want to back 12 numbers, you could do this by betting on 12 individual numbers or by betting on 6 splits or 1 column or top, middle or bottom thirds or 4 rows etc but if you win the payout remains the same. This may seem strange but the payout odds at roulette are such that it is true. Let us say that you back 12 different numbers with one chip each and one of them comes up on the roulette wheel; you lose on 11 bets but the winning bet pays out at 35:1 and your winning stake is returned which leaves you with 36 chips. If on the other hand you use the same 12 chips to bet on one column of numbers the odds are 2:1 which means you win 24 chips but your stake of 12 chips is returned leaving you with the same 36 chips. You can play roulette with little or no knowledge and all you need is luck..