Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Royal Slots casino has more to offer than just slots

By mr-casino on 2019-01-21 10:34:33

There are so many online casinos available to Irish casino players these days that it can become quite difficult to decide which to play at especially as there are new casinos popping up on a regular basis. The easiest way is simply to play at a casino where the name is very familiar such as Paddy Power Casino and would agree that this is a very good and well run online casino but not necessarily the best online casino around. It appears on the recommended list at number 8 although that is of course only the opinion of One advantage of using Paddy Power casino is that you can keep all your online gambling in one place. There are many Irish casino players that also enjoy sports gambling so to have what is effectively a single wallet can be an advantage. The disadvantage is that you are stuck with the casino games and the casino software which Paddy Power uses while there is a much wider choice elsewhere. Creating an account and depositing and withdrawing money is also so easy these days that it is debateable what sort of an advantage having sports gambling and casino gambling wallets in the same place is.

One of the newer additions to the recommended online casino list at is Royal Slots. The name suggests that this online casino only offers casino slots but in fact there is a full range of casino games available and strangely enough that can all be found under the tab labelled slots. Of course slots play a major part in the offering and there are literally hundreds to choose from, so many in fact that it becomes difficult for even to make recommendations. One thing for sure is that the graphics used are nice and clear making the slots much more pleasurable to play as you can see what is going on without screwing your eyes up. Other online casinos do use the same casino software so you may well find the same slots in other places. One drawback to Royal Slots is that there is no obvious free play mode. Several online casinos on the recommended list at have free casino play as the default so you actually have to elect to play for real money which is obviously easily done but as some players like the free casino option then Royal Slots might not be for them. If however you are a serious slots player there can be few better places to be. A very unique feature at Royal Slots is that they do not attempt to hide the likely payback of their casino games. This is done by publishing what is known as the RTP of all the casino games. RTP means Return To Player and is the percentage of the wagered money that is expected to be returned in payouts over time.  This is an average of all players over literally millions of spins so your actual RTP for any session may be considerably lower or higher but at least it allows you to make a comparison between various games. You can find a link to the list at the bottom of the page and it is called Payout percentages.

It is actually a PDF document download but it lists all the casino slots and other casino games on the site and also mentions the casino software provider of the games. Another way of looking at the RTP figure is to say that the difference between 100% and the quoted RTP percentage is the casino margin but it is a very interesting document. For example, has on many occasions advised roulette players to stick with European roulette and no to play American roulette. The reason being that American roulette has a double zero in addition to the single zero on European roulette but the payout odds are not changed. This might not seem to be a great difference but when somebody like Royal Slots publishes the expected RTP it becomes very obvious. The RTP for European of French roulette is 97.3% but for American roulette is 94.74%. This is a difference of 2.56% which might not seem very much but when the margin for European roulette is only 2.7% in the first place it becomes obvious that your chances of winning are halved. Looking through the results it becomes obvious that Blackjack is the casino game with the highest RTP and again has explained this as the only advantage the dealer has is that the player plays first and if they exceed 21 than they lose regardless of what happens or might have happened to the dealer hand. Roulette and blackjack are recognised as being the lowest margin games in the casino and for this reason online casinos will not allow play on these games to count towards play through on casino bonuses Although Roulette and blackjack have better payback than many casino games the only way you are going to win big is by placing large stakes whereas playing casino slots very be very lucrative indeed for very modest stakes which is possibly one of the major reasons for player to play slots. Some of the slots at Royal Slots have RTPs which are not that different from roulette and indeed in some cases better than American Roulette. For example the casino slot called “Ooh Aah Dracula™ has an RTP of 99% which is quite incredible but remember that this is an average over millions of spins. If you play yourself you might not experience anything like this return but if during play you hit the Heart Attack Bonus then you are pretty sure to rack up some impressive cash. If you want to try this slot in free play mode before risking your cash then log in to No Bonus Casino where you can play for free. You will kick yourself however if you end up winning thousands of Euro of play money. May be the list helps you decide which casino games to play and maybe it doesn’t but at least Royal Slots makes it available.