Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Royal Slots is a good place to be for casino slots players

By mr-casino on 2018-09-07 15:58:43

Online casinos are extremely popular in Ireland and the reason could be that when it comes to an actual casino Ireland does not have any so there is really no choice. Many other countries in Europe have both online casinos and actual land based casinos although it must be said that some such as The Netherlands make every attempt to restrict online casinos in favour of land based casinos which are, of course, Government owned and controlled. EU rules do not allow this type of restriction but there are obviously ways round this. May be Ireland is fortunate in the relaxed attitude the Government takes towards online casinos although the approach to land based casinos is quite different. This does not look like changing any time soon so the Irish public can enjoy playing casino games quite legally and of course tax free. Online casinos have so many different casino games available but clearly some are more popular than others and the three most popular are roulette, blackjack and casino slots. It is also interesting to note that players tend to fall into one group or another. Either they are table games players which includes roulette and blackjack or they are casino slots players. Of course there are those who play in both categories but the majority seem to choose one or the other.

The roulette and blackjack camp are those that accept that in order to win large amounts they must stake large amounts which is true for both of those casino games. Blackjack in particular only has the largest win, which is blackjack, paying out at 3:2 but the chances of winning are far higher than roulette where the largest win pays at 35:1 for a single number. Blackjack is actually the casino game where the chances of winning are highest or in other words the casino margin is the lowest. This is actually very logical as it is the player versus the dealer one on one which gives each hand an equal chance of winning and even a tie results in stakes being refunded. The only house edge in Blackjack is that the player always plays before the dealer and if the hand exceeds 21 then the player loses immediately. It does not matter what does happen or might have happened to the dealers hand afterwards, once the player has lost they have lost. This is actually a quite small margin for the online casino but a very important one. This can actually be used to a player’s advantage if they can arrange to still be in the hand when the dealer exceeds 21. Remember that although the dealer has to draw cards to 16 or above the player has no such rules so if they think that the dealer will bust there is nothing to stop the player from standing on any number.

Roulette gives the Irish casino player the chance to effectively choose between a high risk high reward game or a low risk low reward game or anything in between. The high risk game would involve placing bets on a single number which has odds of 35:1. This is easily adjusted by placing bets on two numbers which reduces the odds to 17:1. At the other end of the scale are bets on red or black or odd or even all of which are even money bets but even then the house retains an edge in the form of the zero which is neither red not black nor odd nor even. Beware of American Roulette which has a double zero (00) as well as the single zero thus increasing the house edge substantially.

Probably the most popular of all casino games are the casino slots which have the attraction of providing the chance to win huge sums with very little outlay and has recently added a specialist in that field called Royal Slots. This is a sister site to CasinoLand which is also listed and which provides an incredible selection of casino slots for slots players. Royal Slots is correctly licensed and operated holding licenses from both the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gaming Commission making it a safe place to play casino games and it is available for use on mobile phones, tablets or PC without lengthy downloads so you can play virtually anywhere. The very extensive list of casino slots is achieved by using several different casino software suppliers at the same time. The principle supplier is the well known Swedish software NetEnt which brings well known slots such as Gonzo’s Quest™ and Jack Hammer™ but there is also casino software from NYX gaming, Play n Go, Microgaming and Big Time Gaming as well as several others. For those who want a great selection of casino slots without having to register for several different online casinos this is certainly a good place to be. Although called Royal Slots there are also other casino games available including live casino. If it is slots jackpots you are looking for the both NetEnt and Microgaming have casino slots with enormous jackpots running in to the millions. Currently the online casino is operating in pounds sterling only but you can of course use Euro to make deposits which will be converted at the going rate without any commission reductions. Now would be good time to sign up as there are joining bonuses which are applicable to your first four deposits which can total up to £1000. This is a 100% match on your first deposit up to £200, a 50% match on your second deposit up to £200 followed by a 25% match on your third and fourth deposits up to £300 each. In order to make existing players not feel left out Royal Slots has decided that Mondays should be special and therefore offers free spins on deposits made on a Monday which can be played at a selected casino slot. The number of free spins on offer depends on the size of the deposit but for slots players Royal Slots is not  a bad place to be.