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Some casinos offer better casino bonuses than others

By mr-casino on 2018-12-04 16:08:18

Casinos are often in the news and mostly for all the wrong reasons whether it be crime, money laundering or fraud but online casinos seem to escape the worst of it probably because they are more difficult to commit crimes against. Whilst it is possible to walk into any of the land based casinos and try to steal at gunpoint, and it has been tries many times, you simply cannot do that at an online casino. Attempted fraud however is a regular occurrence at online casinos whether that is people trying to abuse a bonus system or would you believe even trying to get money back after a loss by blaming something else such as “you didn’t warn me that I could lose money”. These are of course extremes and restricted to a very small minority of online casino players. It is actually possible to legally get money back if you lose at an online casino but you will need to be playing at an online casino called No Bonus Casino.

This is a very interesting online casino that has recognised that the casino bonuses offered by many online casinos for new players are extremely difficult to turn into hard cash and anyway why should new players be the only ones to benefit? What about loyalty to existing players? The most common form of casino bonus is what is called the deposit matching bonus whereby the online casino promises to match your very first deposit into your online casino account Euro for Euro. This is sometimes extended to the second, third or even fourth deposit but at a lower rate such as €0.50 for every €1 deposited. This all sounds very good on paper and indeed it does prolong your playing pleasure but withdrawing winnings from that bonus money can be very difficult. Online casinos do not like giving money away so the bonus money which you get is placed in a separate account from your own cash and you cannot get hold of it until certain conditions have been met. These conditions will be that you need to stake the bonus money a number of times and that number is often 40 or more. In addition not all casino games will count towards the staking requirement so, for example, it is not unusual for games of roulette or blackjack not to count or if they do then for a very low percentage. Casino slots are always counting 100%. This arrangement is obviously designed to give the online casino the maximum chance of winning back the bonus money before they have to pay out winnings.

No Bonus Casino came up with a totally different and much better concept which is giving people cash back if they lose instead of a bonus of any sort. This system works very simply and states that any player who makes a deposit into their online casino account on any given day, plays any of the casino games on the site (there are hundreds to choose from) and manages to lose the whole deposit on the same day can get back 10% on the very next day. There are a couple of remarkable things about this offer. Firstly, this is not an offer for new players only, it is available to every player on every deposit made into their online casino account and the cash back is placed directly into the players playing account which means there is no differentiation between cash back money and players money. Both can be used for whatever the player wishes which obviously includes withdrawing it if necessary. This is quite a unique offer which has never seen at any other casinos so might be worth a look at for Irish casino players.

No Bonus Casino is not however the only online casino to recognise the weaknesses of the normal casino bonus system. There is also Freespins Casino which is also in the recommended list at At Freespins casino instead of a bonus each deposit entitles the player to a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. There are three levels of free spins to choose from which either give more spins at a lower value per spin or fewer spins at a higher value per spin. The total value is the same in any of the three choices but at least the player has the choice. The total value will depend on the size of the deposit with larger deposits attracting correspondingly more free spins value. It will be very clear to regular online casino players that playing free spins makes it impossible to lose. There is an extremely good chance therefore that after playing the free spins you will have money in your account so it should come as no surprise that the online casino insists on that money being staked a number of times more before it can be withdrawn but that affects only the winnings from the free spins so there is still nothing to lose. Once agin this offer is available to every player on every deposit made into their online casino account.

Land based casinos never grant any form of bonus so it is interesting that online casinos do. Both of the above mentioned online casinos are very reputable casinos having licenses issued by the Malta Gaming Authority which is one of the foremost online gaming authorities in Europe as well as the UK Gambling Commission which although of little interest to Irish casino players does give that little extra layer of comfort They also both use casino software from some of the top suppliers in the industry such as NetEnt and Microgaming which not only guarantees fair casino games but also a huge variety of games. In fact both of these online casinos have hundreds of casino slots to choose from including those with the largest jackpots around. If you appreciate loyalty over a bonus for new players only then these two online casinos could be what you have been looking for.