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Tax breaks for casino in Australia

By mr-casino on 2014-12-07 10:43:24

In the general casino news we read that there is a battle going on to attract high rollers and it has even reached the stage where the Government of Western Australia is prepared to grant tax breaks to a casino. Online casinos have always tried to attract high rollers by having VIP clubs but apparently this particular fight is taking place in Asia with casinos offering wealthy Chinese casino players free accommodation, flights and even private tours of the State. According to the casino news these Chinese casino players who used to travel to Australia have deserted in droves in favour of casinos in Singapore and Macau and even sometimes in Las Vegas although that is somewhat more distance to travel so to regain market share Crown Perth Casino is giving even more incentives which is partly being financed by a reduced tax rate from the State. You may wonder why the Chinese are prepared to travel these distances simply to play at a casino but remember that online casinos in any form are illegal in China so without an online casino there is only one way to fulfill the gambling urge. Meanwhile in other casino news it is reported that a bill to legalise casinos in Japan to enable casinos to be built in time for the 2020 Olympics is unlikely to pass in time as Parliament has been dissolved and new elections have been called. It was initially hoped that a bill would at least be presented within this year with a view to getting it passed in 2015 but reports suggest that a casino bill may be well done the order of importance and might not get discussed at all next year. has reported this venture previously on the casino news pages so for more detail take a look at the site.