Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Test your general knowledge at the online casino

By mr-casino on 2013-10-27 12:16:16

Online casinos do not only provide the chance to win with regular casino games such as roulette, blackjack or casino slots but there are a variety of other games to try, some of which even test your knowledge as well as your luck. Both Ladbrokes online casino and Paddy Power online casino have some interesting options including past and present TV shows but some of those such as Blockbusters which older Irish casino players may remember is really nothing more than a 3 reel slot machine in a different format. More modern TV casino games such as “Millionaire” are take offs from Who wants to be a millionaire and even includes Chris Tarrant himself. The questions start off reasonably easy but if you fancy your general knowledge it can be worth a go. Then there is of course  “Deal or No Deal” which involves selecting boxes and the banker making you an offer. There are 26 boxes instead of the regular 22 and selecting 5 or even 6 boxes in a single round make it difficult to get out at the right time but it is interesting and of course no knowledge is required. Another amusing game is Hangman which many of us will have played as a child but is now available at the online casinos and there is even a jackpot to be has tried these games and Hangman at least gives you the chance to select your categories but you will need a sound knowledge of TV programmes such as Big Brother to be successful as categories  cannot always be avoided. By all means try these casino games for free but heed the warning that free play may not reflect the level of difficulty encountered in a cash game.