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The casino game of Baccarat can be difficult to follow

By mr-casino on 2011-11-05 11:30:01

Just a couple of days ago we published a short article about casino table games in which we mentioned that you could in fact play baccarat without knowing the rules or understanding what is going on and whilst this holds true it is without doubt a better casino game if you do know what is happening so we thought could give a brief description of baccarat. There are only two hands dealt in baccarat which are initially of two cards each, one is called the player and the other is called the bank and in betting terms it could not be easier as you can only bet on either the bank winning, the player winning or a tie. There is no raising or bluffing in baccarat so it is a simple win or lose bet. The winning hand is the one in which the total of the cards is the greater but this is where it gets a little bit difficult as we shall explain; firstly all picture cards (jack, queen, king) and the ten count for zero and the total count is never allowed to go over ten. This is achieved by deducting ten every time a normal count would be over ten so for example a seven and an eight in hand would normally be 15 but in baccarat it counts as 5 as would a two and a three. Once you have mastered this then to play baccarat and follow what is going on is very simple. Some baccarat hands win outright but in others there are more cards drawn but this follows very strict rules which you can read about in our baccarat page. The dealer plays both hands in strict sequence but as there are rules for every contingency on whether cards are drawn or not there is no room for discretion. Baccarat is a pure gambling game and although in casinos it can be played for very high stakes an online casino provides all the enjoyment for a much smaller outlay..