Casino and online casino list for Ireland

The lack of an actual casino in Ireland is no problem

By mr-casino on 2018-12-12 11:23:44

Casino gambling is very popular amongst Irish people so it is just as well that there is such a great choice of online casinos as when it comes to an actual casino Ireland does not have any. For sure there are private clubs which offer some casino games but they cannot be considered casinos in the true sense of the word. Sports gambling at the local bookmaker has been going on for ages but they have never been able to offer casino games although some have now turned their attention to offering an online casino as well. The biggest of these is possibly Paddy Power Casino and many people who use Paddy Power for their online sports gambling will automatically select Paddy Power Casino for their online casino gambling but there are other choices which may appeal more. It is of course convenient to have your money in one place but depositing and withdrawing money at online casinos has become very simple which makes it very easy to have multiple accounts so just because you do your sports gambling at one place does not mean that you must do your casino gambling there as well. There are plenty of online casinos out there and they are all keen to have you as a member and will make special offers to attract you but it may not all be as it seems.

Many online casinos advertise special bonuses to attract new players and the most common form is for the online casino to match your first deposit 100% so if you deposit €100 into your account the casino will give you another €100 but don’t for a minute think that you can gamble €50 and then run away with the remaining €150. Online casinos are not in the habit of giving away cash (except for one called No Bonus casino which will be described later). What happens is that although your own deposit remains yours to do with as you please, the bonus money can only be used to play the casino games and is otherwise not accessible until certain requirements have been met. These requirements will invariably be that you must wager the whole amount around 40 times before it becomes truly yours. In the above example of a €100 deposit that means that you must stake €4000 before any winnings or remaining bonus money can be withdrawn. To make matters worse only certain casino games will count towards that staking requirement so whilst games such as casino slots are valid, popular casino game such as Blackjack or Roulette are not. The whole idea is of course that the casino can win back the bonus money before the player gets a chance to withdraw it. This does not make this type of casino bonus a bad thing as you get to play twice as long as would otherwise be the case but it is better to realise that your chances of running off with any of that cash are limited. It is of course possible to win big especially on casino slots and still be able to meet the staking requirement and walk away in profit but most will not.

The one exception to this as mentioned above is No Bonus Casino which instead of offering casino bonuses gives you cash back if you lose under certain circumstances. This works very simply and the online casino says that if you make a deposit into your account today and somehow manage to lose the whole lot in the same day then you will receive 10% cash back the next day. There are no restrictions on which of the casino games you can play and unlike many of the casino offerings which are exclusively for new registrations this offer is for everybody. You may have been playing at the casino for years but the offer of cash back is still there on every deposit made and it really is cash. There is none of the rubbish of having to stake it a number of times and nor is there even a requirement to use it to play at the casino, it is your cash and you can do what you want with it including removing it from your account is you so wish. Apart from the offer No Bonus Casino is a great online casino which has hundreds of casino games available due to the fact that it is using casino software from multiple sources. No Bonus Casino has licenses issued both from the top online gaming centre of Malta and from the UK Gaming Commission making it able to accept players from all over Europe as well as the UK. The standard currency is Euro so it is ideal for Irish casino players.

Should this idea of a different casino bonus appeal then you should also look at Freespins Casino. At this online casino every deposit entitles the player to a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. Players can select from three levels of free spins which are basically a high number of spins with a low value per spin or a lower number of free spins with a higher value for each or something in between. The total value will depend on the size your deposit but once again this is not an offer for new players only. New players can avail themselves of the offer but so can every player on every deposit they make. As any regular casino player knows it is virtually impossible to lose when playing for free so there are restrictions placed on what must happen with the winnings from the free spins to prevent players simply walking away.

In truth therefore in not having a casino Ireland is not missing a great deal as there is such a varied selection of online casinos to choose from offering far more casino games than any land based casino and being online it means that they are available 24 hours every day seven days a week.