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The table games tab at an online casino has loads of casino games

By mr-casino on 2018-04-24 14:09:43

Online casinos often have different tabs for different casino games which are intended to help you find any game faster but in truth several casino games end up being listed under several categories with the largest category being table games. Slots and video slots can also be pretty confusing as it is not clear what the difference between the two is. Certainly the more complicated casino slots appear under the video slots banner and the simpler ones appear under the slots banner but what the exact difference is remains unclear. The table games tab on the other hand covers a multitude of different games and appears to be where to put anything that cannot be categorised anywhere else. All the card games and dice games can be found here as well as the ever popular roulette. Apart from casino slots the two most played casino games are both under the table games banner and they are Blackjack and Roulette but most Irish casino players seem to play one or the other rather than both. This is reasonable as they require a different approach from each other. Roulette, for example, is a game of pure chance whereas Blackjack involves an element of skill and judgement.

The online casino game of roulette is probably the easiest of all casino games to play which is also why it is so popular. Even if you have never played at a casino before you cannot go wrong at roulette, especially at an online casino as the casino software will prevent you from placing a bet in the wrong place in much the same way as a land based croupier should do. Roulette is simple enough in that there is a roulette wheel on which there are 37 slots into which the roulette ball can land and there are 37 corresponding places on the roulette table where you can place a bet. The 37 numbers are 0 through 36. Note that this is the arrangement for European or French roulette only; American roulette has an additional number called double zero (00). Online casinos always have a choice of roulette table games whereas land based casinos may not. If you have a choice do not play American roulette as the additional number reduces your odds of winning but the payout odds remain the same as the European version. There are 18 black numbers and 18 red numbers and the numbers 1 through 36 are either odd numbers or even numbers so there are 18 of each of those. It is important to note that zero is neither red nor black nor odd nor even. This means that any bet on those numbers will lose if the ball lands on zero. You can place bets on any number of single numbers (including the zero) or any number of rows of three numbers or any number of columns of 12 numbers etc. and the good thing is that the payout will always be in direct relation to the number of numbers backed so there are no good bets or bad bets. Some players have trouble believing this to be the case but the secret is that at in roulette played at any online casino or land based casino a winning stake remains on the table.

Say for example that you placed a bet of one chip on 12 different numbers spread across the table and one of them was a winning number. The winning number would pay out at odds of 35:1 and the one chip on the winning number remains so at the end of the spin you have 36 chips. If on the other hand you elected to place 12 chips, which is the same stake, on a single column of 12 numbers and one of those was a winner this is what happens. Your winning column bet pays at 2:1 which is 24 chips but your original bet of 12 chips was a winning bet so the chips remain on the table which means that you have 36 chips at the end of the spin which is exactly the same. This works for all combinations so happily spread your bets around and trust to luck.

Blackjack however is one of those online casino table games where a little thought can help your chances of winning. Online blackjack remains a card game so there is still a large slice of luck involved in the game; there are no guaranteed winning strategies. It is common sense that the player stands as much chance of having a winning hand as the dealer and as a tie results in a money back situation you might think that the dealer has no advantage but it does. Following the classic strategy of drawing cards to 16 or under and holding on anything above 16 will result in the hand going over 21 and therefore busting on a number of occasions. This is the strategy which the dealer must follow which means that dealer will bust on many occasions. The house edge is that all players play before the dealer and if they bust they lose regardless of what happens later to the dealer. The only way to mitigate this is to still be in the hand when the dealer busts. You win with anything in your hand when the dealer busts, you do not need to have 17 or above. This sounds simple enough but of course the difficulty arises in knowing when the dealer will bust. There are no hard and fast rules but if the dealer is showing a 5 or a 6 as the exposed card you might not want to take too many risks with your own hand especially if you are also holding 15 or 16.

Online casinos have many more table games available which are fun and exciting and worth a try such as Caribbean Stud or how about a dice game such as Craps? Craps can be a little difficult to follow completely but a quick read of the rules which are available at all online casinos will get you started.