Casino and online casino list for Ireland

The odds are stacked in favour of the casino

By mr-casino on 2013-07-27 09:35:53

There are plenty of online casino sites that claim to have a system that will help you win money on a regular basis at an online casino but is not one of them as we know that the odds are stacked in favour of the casino in any casino game but in many cases this is not a huge amount so the chances of winning are in fact reasonable. is here to advise Irish casino players where to play safe and reliable casino games in the knowledge that your personal data is secure. Just occasionally will explain some of the casino games and although there is no guarantee of winning you can possibly improve your chances by understanding what it is you are trying to achieve. Over the long term the online casinos will make money but over the long term means over all players over a prolonged period, the chances of an individual winning on any particular night is quite reasonable. Some online casinos even publish the average returns for a period such as the previous month although even that information will not help you win or lose tonight. has been in this business for a number of years and specialises in the Irish casino market by studying what is happening in terms of new casino games or even new online casinos such as the latest addition and reporting that through regular articles on these pages. The focus of is new players to the online casino world who are looking for help as to where to play casino and for those players has a short list of online casinos that are in their opinion the best around. Once you have tried one or two of the recommended online casinos you can decide which you prefer but for a beginner simply choosing one of the listed casinos at is the safer option.