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The online casino game of let it ride poker is different

By mr-casino on 2014-06-02 12:12:36

In most online casino card games if you like the look of your hand you can place a raise bet but one card game reverses this and that is Let It Ride or Let It Ride Poker to give it the full name as it is known in most online casinos but Paddy Power casino prefers to call this casino game Let Them Ride but it is the same game. The unusual thing about let it ride is that at the beginning and before any cards are dealt you must place three bets of equal size so this forms your maximum exposure for that particular hand but as play progresses you have the chance to withdraw two of those three bets thus reducing the bet to what would be a normal ante bet. Once you have grasped that concept the rest of let it ride is quite simple. At the start of the game you will be dealt three cards with a further two cards being dealt face down on the table, called community cards, and the object is to create a winning poker hand which in let it ride is a pair of tens or better. All online casinos play the same rules and having seen your first three cards you can, if you wish, withdraw one of your three bets or alternatively let it ride which is where the name of this particular casino game comes from. No matter you decide to do at this point the next step is that one of the community cards will be revealed which means that you can now see four of the five cards. You now have the next decision to make on the second bet which again is ether withdraw or let it ride. Each decision in let it ride is independent from the other so at the end of the game when all cards are revealed you can either have all three bets in play or two or just one.