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There are many different casino table games available

By mr-casino on 2016-09-25 14:26:48

Although the term table games which is often found at online casinos really refers to casino games that require a special table, it seems now to be any casino game that is not casino slots or video slots. All card games and dice games are referred to as table games along with the evergreen favourite of roulette. Table games can however be broken down not those which are pure luck and those which can benefit from an element of skill or at least attention to what is going on. Every online casino has roulette as one of the major table games as it is very simple to play and is a casino game requiring no skill whatsoever. There are however a couple of variants of roulette and Irish casino players would do well to pay attention to which variant is being played. European roulette and French roulette are very similar and it is only the layout of the roulette table that is different but American roulette is very different. Regular European or French roulette has 37 numbers on the wheel and the table which include a single zero. American roulette on the other hand has an additional zero which is called double zero which means that there are 38 possible outcomes instead of the regular 37. This would not be so bad if the winning odds were increased but that is not the case. The winning odds are exactly the same as for European roulette but the odds of winning are reduced by 2.7%. The moral to the story is do not play American roulette if you have a choice.

The second most popular casino table game is probably blackjack but in this game there are some tips which will help you. It is sometimes written that the idea of blackjack is to get cards which add up to as close as possible to 21 without going over 21. does not agree with this description of blackjack as it is perfectly possible to win a blackjack hand with any number as long as the dealer has bust. The correct definition therefore is possibly that the aim is to beat the dealer which puts a different complexion on the game altogether. Drawing cards to 17 as the dealer is forced to do will inevitably result in going over 21 on a number of occasions. If you are still in the game when this happens you will win regardless of what is in your hand. The skill therefore is in being able to assess when this will happen. Clearly many hands are simple a question of luck so if you are dealt 17 or above you are going to stand and likewise if you are dealt 11 or under you are going to draw a card or cards so the only real issue is when you have between 12 and 16 inclusive and it is here that you need to start taking notice of the one card that belongs to the dealer that is face up on the table. If that card is a 5 or a 6 there is a good chance that the dealer will bust. For example if the card is a 6 there are 8 out of the 13 cards that together with the 6 will result in the dealer having to draw a card with a possibility of going over 21 (6,7,8,9,10,jack, queen, king). If you hold 15 or 16 in your own hand when the dealer is showing the 6 you might consider not drawing a card and hoping that the dealer busts thereby winning the hand.

Other online casino table games which require less thought include the dice game of craps. Craps is played a lot in American casinos and is often the noisiest place in the casino. The reason for this is that the craps table is double ended as far as betting is concerned which enables many people to play at the same time despite there being only one person who is throwing the dice. It is also a game where one throw of the dice is frequently not enough to decide the winners and the more throws that are required it seems that the noise level increases. Added to this there are bets which can be placed after the first throw of the dice if no winner has been decided. Craps is often seen as quite complicated and it is true that a number of bets can be placed at different times but there are also simple bets which can be placed at the beginning of the round and which are valid throughout the round until won or lost. If you are not sure what you are doing when playing craps then stick to those simple bets. Most online casinos have a description of how to play craps and All Irish Casino is no exception.

Another table game often avoided by Irish casino players for no good reason is Caribbean Stud Poker. Maybe it is because it is called poker  that people avoid it but in truth it bears little resemblance to the poker games which we can see on TV which are Texas Hold’em other than the ranking of the 5 card hands. IN the TV poker version there are raises and bluffing going on but in Caribbean Stud there is no such thing. The player sets the stakes at the start of the hand and there is no raising or bluffing. The game is played against the dealer only so there are only two hands in play and the better hand wins. There are one or two rules about the dealer having a qualifying hand before the raise bet can be paid out but this simple enough to grasp very quickly. If you are new to Caribbean Stud a quick read through the rules at any online casino will get you started. The good thing about Caribbean Stud is that a better hand pays out at better odds without the player having to increase the stake. This is definitely one of the better casino table games.