Casino and online casino list for Ireland

There is a great choice for Irish online casino players

By mr-casino on 2016-06-13 13:23:31

There are of course no true casinos in Ireland only card clubs and that is despite several attempts to create casino complexes in the country. Nearly every other country in Europe has casinos in at least the major cities and often in minor cities or towns as well but when it comes to a casino Ireland is lagging behind. Fortunately Ireland is extremely flexible with the online casino business by having no regulation at all which means that Irish casino players are free to play at any of the literally hundreds of online casinos that are available on the internet. This can however prove to be a problem for those who cannot recognise a good online casino from a poor one but fortunately help is at hand in the form of which, as it happens, is where you are. sets out to help and recommend to would be Irish online casino players where the best places are to enjoy online casino games in a safe environment. As with anything on the internet it pays to be cautious and there are plenty of online casinos out there that will gladly take your money but offer little prospect of ever winning anything. To avoid these online casinos simply select one of those recommended by all of which have been checked out as being correctly licensed and operated under the control of a respected body in the industry. does not operate any online casino itself or any other form of online gambling for that matter so the advice given can be unbiased. For a choice of casino Ireland has many options from small to large and from well known names to lesser well known ones. In the large category there are online casinos offered by Paddy Power or Ladbrokes and the online casino is just a part of their offering and of course they are well known by having betting shops all over the country. There are online gambling specialists such as 888 which also have a complete range of online gambling including an online casino and they might also be known to you from heavy advertising and sports sponsorships. At the smaller end of the scale are the online casino specialists that have no sports or other forms of online gambling preferring instead to focus on what they do best which is online casinos. One of the best in this category is Allirishcasino which although small competes very well with big boys by being very friendly and still having a complete range of casino games from one of the top casino software suppliers in the industry. The vast majority of players at All Irish Casino are in fact Irish and it is a casino Ireland has taken to heart enjoying the fact that someone has focussed on the country and tried to give players what they want. There are different promotions on at All Irish Casino every week so even established casino players keep tabs on the site so as not to miss anything. This online casino is also always one of the first to get the new casino slots from the software supplier NetEnt online so they are always at the forefront of developments. It appears that sometimes smaller means more agile which is an advantage. has also found some other smaller online casinos that offer great entertainment and who dare do things a little bit different. For example when it comes to joining an online casino for the first time most online casinos will offer a bonus in the form a 100% match of your first deposit but this money goes into your bonus account rather than your playing account and it cannot be withdrawn until certain requirements have been met. These requirements are always that the bonus money and sometimes the deposit money as well needs to be staked a number of times on certain casino games which can make it quite difficult to get your hands on it and anyway it is only available for new players. There is an online casino that recognised the weakness of this arrangement called nobonuscasino and as the name suggest they do not offer a bonus. What they have instead is a cash back offer so that if you make a deposit and are unfortunate enough to lose all that money then 10% of your deposit will be refunded the very next day and there are no restrictions on what you can do with that cash; you can play again at the online casino or you can simply withdraw it and disappear. What is more is that this offer is not restricted to new players only at the online casino as it is available to every player every time they make a deposit. Another alternative to the matching deposit bonus can be found at freespinscasino. At this casino Ireland players get a number of free spins at a selection of casino slots with every deposit that they make. The number of free spins depends on the size of the deposit and the casino slot at which the free spins are played but can be several hundred. There are naturally enough restrictions on withdrawing the profits made from the free spins which entail wagering it several times but it is only the winnings from the free spins which you are wagering making it a no lose situation and once again it is not a one off promotion for new players only. These two online casinos are certainly on the recommended list for daring to be different but they also have an excellent range of casino games once again from the top casino software supplier NetEnt. There are other online casinos on the recommended list all of which are worth taking a look at so even if you already are a customer of an online casino you might want to consider an additional online casino account which after all costs nothing or you might consider switching altogether, the choice is always yours.