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There is a wide choice of casino table games available

By mr-casino on 2012-10-28 16:03:15

Table games or card and table games as it is known at some online casinos is probably the category in an online casino that has the widest choice of casino games and although some will include roulette and blackjack, those generally have their own quick links. Table games include some of the better known games such as Caribbean Stud and Baccarat but there are also some less well known ones such as Pai Gow poker or Sic Bo. Pai Gow is one of those table games  that should appeal to poker players as you are asked to form a two card poker hand and a five card poker hand from seven cards dealt and the idea is to beat the dealers two hands but if you only win one each then your money is returned so the strategy lies in arranging your hands  in such a way that if you think you cannot win both hands make sure that you stand as good a chance as you can to win one of them. Sic Bo on the other hand is one of those table games played with dice where there is no strategy and it is pure luck; although apparently complicated at first glance, Sic Bo is extremely simple and good fun. If you enjoy table games played with dice there is always Craps and again this takes a little bit of getting used to as there are a number of bets which can be placed but there are also simple bets which allow you to join in the fun and these are outlined under our craps page here at There are also some more unusual table games around specific to certain online casinos such as “Stravaganza” available at Paddy Power casino and there are always table games such as Red Dog or Let them Ride poker, both of which are quick and exciting.