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UK gambling machines are in the general casino news

By mr-casino on 2012-10-26 13:42:57

Possibly not of great interest to online casino players in Ireland, but nevertheless reportable, are reports in the general casino news about gaming machines in UK betting shops possibly being limited to £2 per spin. According to reports in the general casino news the current limits on high stakes machines are no less than £100 per spin with a maximum of £18000 per hour whereas in Bingo Halls and even casinos themselves the limits are £2 per spin. Remarkably the number of such machines has risen dramatically in the last 5 years which considering the ease with which Irish casino players can open an online casino account begs the question why anyone would want to use such machines when we all know, although not reported in the general casino news, that the odds of winning are less than you will find at your average online casino. The limits which are a result of relaxation of rules by the Labour Party are to be reconsidered by the coalition partners. Also in the UK general casino news is the possibility that online gambling websites including of course online casinos may have to hold a UK issued license if they wish to operate in the country which is something that the Irish gambling industry is also looking into as a part of generating more income. Typically and in contrast to the previous piece also in the general casino news we hear that an MPs’ committee asked local authorities to approve more casinos that offer high stakes machines quoting slot machines with prizes of up to £500. Fortunately the coalition rejected this recommendation. It seems that online casinos are still the best way of having fun and avoiding all these things that have been in the general casino news in recent weeks.