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There is not really a preferred online casino deposit option

By mr-casino on 2012-09-08 14:43:36

One of the questions that needs to be answered when opening an online casino account for the first time is how you intend to make deposits into that account to allow you to play your favourite casino games and it pays to give it some thought before registering as there are so many different casino deposit methods today but they are not all equal. We have a complete page of descriptions of the more popular deposit options for Irish casino players here at so it is well worth a read before registering and not all deposit methods are available for all online casinos. The most popular casino deposit method remains a credit card, either Mastercard or Visa closely followed by Debit cards and usually Visa Delta, Switch and Solo are accepted along with Laser for Irish casino players but be wary of using a credit card as there may be charges involved from the issuer.Other popular casino deposit methods are the common internet payment methods such as PayPal, Neteller and Moneybookers and even Ukash vouchers or Click2Pay which some Irish customers may not even have heard of. All of the online casinos will have a list somewhere on the site which lists the deposit methods which are accepted by that online casino. Should you decide to use either Ladbrokes casino or Paddy Power casino, as long as you are in the UK or Ireland you can also make cash deposits and withdrawals over the counter of one of their high streets shops which many will find convenient and this can even be done if you have registered a card as the card will merely be used to identify you. There is not really a preferred casino deposit method but be aware that credit cards can cost extra; here at we like the idea of cash but that is not always the most easy of deposit methods.