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Try Caribbean stud at your online casino

By mr-casino on 2015-04-18 15:35:39

There are many online casino players that will not go near anything to do with poker but there is a game called Caribbean Stud poker which is available at nearly all online casinos and which is well worth a look at. Normal online poker which is generally Texas Hold’em has the disadvantage that a better player is more likely to win over the long term and it is very easy to lose a lot on a single hand whereas Caribbean stud has neither of these problems. Caribbean stud at an online casino is a simple game played against the house, there are only two hands and you as the player determine the stakes for each hand so you cannot lose more than that. The idea of Caribbean stud is simply to have a better poker hand of five cards than the dealer but there is no changing of cards and certainly no chance of bluffing or being bluffed out of the hand. You can however win more than your stake with a good hand such as two pairs or higher. To play Caribbean stud at an online casino place your chosen stake and then the cards will be dealt with yours obviously face up and the dealers cards face down all except one which will be face up. The decision is then simple can you beat the dealer or not and if you think you can you place an additional bet which is exactly twice the ante bet and the cards are turned over to see who has won. The two bets are treated differently with the ante bet always being paid out at 1:1 but the additional paying according to the value of the hand. One proviso for the additional bet to pay out is that the dealer must have what is known as a qualifying hand which at most online casinos is an Ace/King or better. If this is not the case then your additional bet is returned but your ante bet still pays at 1:1.