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Try online casino Caribbean stud with a jackpot

By mr-casino on 2012-10-30 09:12:44

There are many Irish online casino players who like the idea of playing poker but are put off by the fact that you may come up against another player with a bigger budget who bluffs their way to a pot and for those players there is always Caribbean Stud Poker or simply Caribbean Stud for short which is available at most online casinos. Caribbean Stud is still a poker game but it is played against the dealer and there is no bluffing which means that what you stake is what you stand to lose. Although there are some slight variations to the game such as Cyberstud poker at Ladbrokes casino, in traditional Caribbean stud you are dealt five cards and the dealer is either dealt one card face up and later the other four or five cards straight away with only one being face up. Before the deal in Caribbean stud you must place an ante bet and having seen your cards and the one from the dealer you must decide whether to play or not. Should you decide to play then you place another bet equal to twice your ante which means that your exposure is three times your ante bet. In Caribbean stud the cards are then exposed and you see whether you have beaten the dealer or not. There is one proviso in Caribbean stud and that is that the dealer must have at least Ace/King in order for the hand to qualify. Regardless of what you have in your hand if the dealers hand does not qualify and you have placed your additional bet you will have your additional bet refunded and your ante bet pays at even money. Caribbean stud really gets interesting when the dealer qualifies and you have a great hand as the better your hand the greater the odds at which a winning hand is paid out. For example at Paddy Power casino a straight pays at 4:1 and a full house at 7:1 and then there is always the option of going for the jackpot.