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Try some different online casino games

By mr-casino on 2014-06-04 17:09:49

Online casinos do not need to be all about roulette, blackjack and slots as there are some amusing other games to be found and one such game is the online casino version of deal or no deal at which you will not win €1 million as the top prize is only 10 times your stake and there are 26 boxes instead of 21 on the TV game but nevertheless it provides good entertainment for little outlay. If you are feeling intelligent then why not try the old game of hangman at your online casino where you have to guess a word or better still the online casino version of who wants to be a millionaire? Not feeling that intelligent? There is always the Japanese game of Pachinko which is played in very noisy (due to steel balls used) Pachinko halls in Japan but is now available at online casinos. The idea of this casino game is to win more balls than you started with and you can decide what they are worth when you buy them in the first place. After each round you can elect to carry on playing with the balls you have won to date or to cash them in. There is also an auto shoot but that fires the balls in quick fire sequence so if you want to follow what is going on then stick to the manual shoot. If you like the idea of pinball games there is another at Ladbrokes casino called Baltimore Drop where balls need to drop into holes or hit pins that you have placed bets on and again it is a bit of fun. If you are looking for something even more simple then try snakes and ladders which is actually called Aztecs n Adders at Ladbrokes casino but is the same old game we all know converted to an online casino game.