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Try some variations when playing Blackjack

By mr-casino on 2010-10-15 16:04:14

Blackjack used to be blackjack but now there are several variations to make it more interesting. Each online casino has its own variations but at Party Casino for example you can play the regular game or a high stakes game but there is also the option of playing with a single deck. Quite often in online blackjack 6 or 8 decks of cards are used and they are shuffled after maybe only 20% of the cards are used which makes the cards you have nearly irrelevant but with only one deck in play you have sight of 3 cards out of the 52. Another variation (not at party Casino) is blackjack switch where you play two hand against the dealer but after the deal but before play commences you can switch the top cards from each hand with each other which gives you a better chance of at least one of your hands winning. Blackjack only pays 1:1 instead of the normal 3:2 and to compensate for your better chances, if the dealer turns up 22 the hand is a push instead of being bust. Back to Party Casino there is an option called Blackjack Bonus Pairs which is a regular Blackjack game where you are trying to beat the dealer but you can place a side bet on your first two cards being a pair. If they are not, you lose your bet but if they are you win at odds according to the pair but a perfect pair (two identical cards) pays out at 25:1. Yet another is Duel Blackjack which again is not available at Party Casino and is a cross between Poker and Blackjack where two community cards are dealt which can be used by the player or the dealer. All these variations are worth a little experiment and can make a pleasant change..