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UK wants tax and horse racing levy from online casino operators

By mr-casino on 2011-12-11 16:07:41

We have written several casino news articles over the past year about the authorities in Ireland wanting a larger slice of casinos and gambling revenue to support the horse racing industry among other things but now it seems to be in the general casino news that our friends across the water in the UK are thinking along similar lines. Apparently only two of the UK’s top 20 online casino and gambling providers are actually based in the UK and one of those is Bet365, the rest are, as are the top Irish online bookmakers, based overseas and therefore not paying any UK tax or contribution to the horse racing levy. General casino news has learned that there has been a meeting involving all three major parties in the UK (it must be serious to get them all together) who are looking to change legislation so that when a bet is placed the tax and levy is dependent upon where the gambler is rather than where the casino provider is which is what it is at the moment. The push is coming from Matthew Hancock who is MP for Newmarket (there’s a surprise) who is quoted as saying in the casino news “There was a strong consensus for bringing gambling back onshore”, “we didn’t get a specific commitment from the minister in terms of timing but I wasn’t expecting any”. There of course lies the same problem as in Ireland that they do not know when they will be able to do it and of course the other problem that has to be addressed is how to make it work as if UK tax is payable what about the current tax payable in the host country of the online casino? They might all agree that it would be a good idea but here in the general casino news we think change is a long way off..