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Understand your online casino bonus

By mr-casino on 2014-12-17 08:05:54

It seems that every online casino is trying to attract new players by offering them fantastic bonuses when they register and make their first deposit but it pays to read the small print and fully understand exactly what is being offered in the casino bonus. The size of these casino bonuses offered by online casinos are usually a function of the size of your first deposit and sometimes also your second or even third deposits and are generally expressed as matching bonuses to a certain percentage which in the case of first deposits is generally 100%. What this means then is that the online casino will double your money deposited but do not think that you can just withdraw any of the bonus in the form of profits as there  are conditions which have to be fulfilled before that can happen and these are called play through requirements. Having given you the money the online casino wants the chance to win it back before you take it from your account and they do this by saying how many times you must stake the casino bonus money on qualifying games before the money is transferred into your account. The multiple of times varies greatly from time to time but is usually in the range of 20 to 40 times but watch out for some online casinos who seem to state a low multiple but apply it to both your deposit and your bonus which effectively doubles the multiple. The casino bonus restrictions also have qualifying games which often exclude roulette and blackjack as well as other comparatively low risk casino games. An online casino bonus is not a bad thing as it enables you to play for longer than would be the case just with your deposit but withdrawing it can be difficult. An alternative to an online casino bonus is to play at No Bonus Casino where instead of giving a casino bonus to new players only they give 5% of your money back if you lose your whole deposit for every player and every deposit.