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What is an online casino bonus really worth

By mr-casino on 2014-04-21 11:25:22

There is one thing that can be relied on at all online casinos except one which will be mentioned later and that is that they all want to attract new customers and they will all offer a casino bonus to new players to tempt you in but it can be difficult to assess what the real value of these casino bonuses are to a new casino player. In an attempt to help Irish online casino players there are a couple of thing s to watch out for. Most casino bonuses are a match of the players first deposit and it is usually 100% and then some will offer 50% for a further two deposits but watch out for the time frame in which this must be done and although the maximum amount quoted can be quite large, it is only relevant if you intend to deposit that sort of money. The biggest problem with these online casino bonuses is that the money does not appear in your cash account but rather in your bonus account which although being available to play the various casino games is not available for withdrawal. In order to get the casino bonus money into your cash account you will need to stake the bonus a number of times and sometimes even a multiple of your casino bonus plus your original deposit. Add to this fact that not all casino games count towards the staking requirement (roulette and blackjack are typical) and you can quickly imagine that it is not easy to get your hands on this casino bonus money. That said of course, the casino bonus will enable you to pay for longer and therefore increase enjoyment but if you reckon on withdrawing the cash you may be disappointed. There is an exception known as No Bonus Casino which as the name suggests does not offer any casino bonus but simple refunds some of your deposit if you lose.