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You can bet on the bank to win at baccarat

By mr-casino on 2014-04-23 15:14:39

Baccarat is one of those casino games that is available at all online casinos and even features in the very limited offering of live casino at an online casino and yet remains one of the least played games at online casinos. Why this should be remains a bit of a mystery as baccarat is simplicity itself to play and the odds of winning are quite good but possibly land based casinos are to blame as they often make it a game for high rollers only and place it discretely way from the rest of the casino. Although this tends to add to the mystery of the game it does not encourage new players to have a go, but fortunately at an online casino baccarat can be played for normal stakes making it accessible to all. Baccarat is sometimes called Punto Banco but it is the same game and there are only three possible bets which are the bank to win, the player to win or for it to be a draw. There are however a couple of unusual features about the casino game of baccarat. One is that the dealer plays both hands that are dealt which may sound strange but as there are strict rules about when a card is drawn or not the dealer is left with no choices to make plus of course baccarat is one of the only casino games where you can bet on the bank to win. The second rather unusual feature of baccarat is the card counting and as confusing as this may seem to start with you will soon realise that all that is happening is that as soon as the card total is greater than ten then ten is deducted or in other words a total of twelve becomes two. Once these two quirks of the game of baccarat have been learnt it is a very fast and interesting game.